Optoma EH412ST Review

Getting a projector that provides an outstanding picture quality and performance at a budget-friendly price is no less than a miracle nowadays until and unless you find out about the Optoma EH412ST. 


Optoma EH412ST Review
Optoma EH412ST Review

But is this product really worth it? I was struggling with the same problem until and unless my friends firmly suggested me to go for it, which I am gonna include in this Optoma EH412ST review. And in return, it really amazed me with versatility as well as the quality of the picture at this price range.

However, If I stay honest with you guys, Optoma EH412ST not gonna cover all the modern functionality if compared with other modern projectors. But trust me, its sleek portable and elegant design beautifully affirm its place in the competition list with the other projector.

Is it all, Optoma EH412ST can offer? Nope. There is a lot more to include.

Let’s break them in this Optoma EH412ST review with an in-depth analysis and find out is it the most suitable projector for your needs or not.

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Optoma EH412ST Review: Specifications

Resolution 1080p
Brightness/lumens 4000
Contrast Ratio 50,000:1
Throw Ratio 5:1
Screen size 36″-316″
Input lag 32ms
Price Check price

Picture quality:

This Optoma EH412ST offers 1080p resolution but you might be wondering, what makes it different from the other projector? Right

I was in your place as well, nearly a few months ago until I found out the similarity between my crispy clear, sharp high definition picture quality between my television and projector.

Moreover, it won’t fail to stream your content even in 4K resolution but you need to keep the definition low for the projector of this price range.

But it completes the contrast and color metrics completely by utilizing the sRGB Rec. 709 color profile that opens it to a diverse color profile. Meanwhile, it won’t compromise with the true color and vibrant by offering a constant brightness all over your content.

Installation and Setup:

On behalf of the throw ratio, this projector is capable to offer a full 120″ picture just from a range of 4.5 feet between the screen and lens. As it comes under the category of Short throw projector and offers a short throw ratio of only 5:1

However, the 4,000-lumen bright lamp is like adding extra sugar to the delicious cake.

Altogether, the versatility lies in its usability which is readily compatible to be used in a room of any size, doesn’t matter whether it is big or small. It doesn’t even count whether the room is filled with light or completely dark. That is why I called this projector a “versatile” one.

If I talk about projector placement, it provides you with both options. You can mount it on the ceiling or you can also place it on the table. In both cases, it offers just plug and play options followed by picture adjustment and menu navigation.

Connectivity is an essential aspect to consider while purchasing a projector and this Optoma EH412ST beautifully satisfies it as well. Apart from a dual HDMI port, this projector adds extra connectivity options by offering VGA and USB-A port connection ports as well.

This is why it is a primary choice for those who wish to have a projector, especially for classroom and meeting spaces.


The Optoma EH412ST is an all-rounder projector, be its gaming or office work it will always prove itself to be your worthy choice. Starting from the wide variety of connectivity options to watching your movies in 1080p resolution it never gonna be a deal-breaker.

However, it also proves itself to be a gamers choice as well offering an input latency of only 36ms. Handling immense gaming performance and slit screen multiplayer functionality, this small device is going to provide the ultimate gaming experience one could have.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a 4K content streaming support
  • It provides an ease for room size adjustment due to its short-throw ratio
  • It can operate in the presence of ambient light
  • Offers high contrast ratio as well as color accuracy
  • Provides wide connectivity options like USB, HDMI, and VGA connections.
  • Its HDMI content source supports 3D content streaming.
  • It lacks wifi or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The built-in 10 watts speakers are not capable of providing you the desired vibes
  • lacks lens shift or zoom options


No doubt, this Optoma EH412ST gonna offer both versatility and sturdiness, which one could expect in their projector. Additionally, it also offers the ease to be used up in any space with a ten years approximate life of its lamp(check price from here). Hence, you can say if you buy it once, it gonna have it for a long period without any issue, providing you with high lamp brightness and low input lag and would be your ultimate gaming partner as well.

However, the lack of wifi or built Bluetooth may be a dealbreaker for some of you, especially if you belong to the non-techy group as smart home theater integration involves lots of technical complexities, and the built-in 10 watts speakers will not be able to provide you the vibe you heart would crave to have in your projector.

Still, it can be a worthy purchase if you are able to gain some technical knowledge and integrate some external speakers in the setup. The flexibility which is gonna offered for the outdoor movie night or an outdoor camping event is unbeatable if compared especially with the crispy clear picture quality offered by the other projectors.

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