Optoma EH335 Review: Is it worth buying in 2022?

Projectors are a one-time investment and they are costly enough to feed your family for a week. Eventually, the market is flooded with various projectors offering various functionality.

Optoma EH335 review
Optoma EH335 review

But what if I say, there exist some projectors which can offer all those functions in a combined form and thus make them the most versatile projector available in the market.

Would you be interested? Yes, Right?

Therefore, I am gonna give my honest breakdown for one of the projectors from the list of the most versatile ones. Stay with me till the end to get the most detailed  Optoma EH335 Review.

It is worth mentioning that Optoma EH335 will easily fit into your budget and offer most of the features at the same time but it is also essential to note that it will certainly lack a few features which are being offered by those projectors of higher price.

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You will be able to decide it after you get a closer look at my experience, given below in Optoma EH335 Review

Optoma EH335 Review: Specifications associated with it

Resolution 1920 x 1080
Brightness/Lumen 3,600 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 20,000:1
Throw Distance 3.3′-32.2′
Screen size 28″-30″
Speaker 10.0 watts( Mono)

Optoma EH335: Connectivity and Installation involved

In the case of throw distance, Optoma EH335 needs 10-11 ft of standard throw distance to produce an image of 100″ and is, therefore, best for large space rooms or medium-sized auditoriums.

Additionally, it offers you one great advantage by weighing too much light and can easily be installed by the ceiling mount within a few steps. The lightweight of the projector ensures the proper safety of this budget-friendly device.

On the installation ground, this projector didn’t fail to offer you the flexibility on any elevation as it comes with a wide range of vertical keystone correction. All you need to do is to adjust the side-to-side adjustment with minute precision as it won’t provide you the support of horizontal keystone or lens shift adjustment in it.

A pro tip: The zoom and focus are designed especially for the ease of newbies and are therefore easy to use. Eventually, you should try to avoid adjustments that involve a wide range of settings.

Optoma Eh335 is the first choice for first-time projector buyers due to the extensive wired connectivity offered by it. It comes with two HDMI connectivity in addition to the connectivity option of MHL and VGA. Thus, you won’t get any headaches from content streaming sources.

This device also has one plus point in the terms of connectivity. It offers complete network control system integration via RS-232 or LAN. This feature rise the primary interest of schools, professional organizations, and medium business startups towards implementing this device.

The only drawback which is associated with this projector (According to me) is its unavailability of wireless connectivity. Eventually, it also fail to operate build-in streaming and lacks voice control when I tried this device myself.

Pros & Cons

  • It offeres High Defination sharp, crispy clear pictures
  • Compatible to run efficiently even with an indoor light environment due to its bright lamp.
  • Offers 3D content streaming features.
  • Alaivale with easy to implement network control integration
  • The wired inputs come with high and durable quality material.
  • Lightweight device hence offers great portability.
  • Lack wireless connections
  • Lacks tabletop installation options, hence you are left with ceiling mount option only.

Optoma EH335 review: Best suitability

This EH335 is a budget segment projector and is most suitable to provide excellent performance in the below-mentioned environment.

1. Business and Classroom Use

As mentioned earlier, Optoma EH335 is the best projector available in the market which is proved to satisfy all the professional needs one could require while working in a business model or classroom. Whereas weighing around 6.5 pounds can really offer the ultimate flexibility one could need while shifting it from one room to another.

The only problem which I faced (you will face as well) is the mounted installation, which would get you denied from the temporary installation. But it won’t be a major issue if you are going for a permanent installation in a certain room of the school or office.

The 3,600 ANSI Lumens will consistently provide you with a bright lamp which is a result will offer high-quality images. Additionally, classrooms are probably big spaces and the long throw distance of this device is a huge advantage over there while adjusting with the natural light as well.

2. Home Theater Use

The HD resolution offered by this device is considered standard and is also being offered by the p[rojectors of the range $1000. The dynamic Black Contrast Ratio fitted with a 6 Segment color wheel is the best partner for home theater. Minute flickering might be encountered by you due to the color wheel which comes with the rainbow effect.

In terms of connectivity, it won’t get a lack of options in any content streaming setup. Whether your setup is old or new, this projector is designed to fit any of it. The full HD 3D compatibility supports 3 main 3D formats and is quite impressive.

You have to spend more couple of dollars and get an external speaker for the EH335 model. This is because you won’t get satisfied with the weak sound quality offered by the 10 watts built-in speakers. Those inbuilt speakers won’t provide you with that desired performance if you are in a noisy environment.

Final Verdict: Optoma Eh335 Review

When I suggested this to my friend for household uses it was like a deal-breaker to him due to the unavailability of wireless connectivity. Whereas, the same device impressed him for use in this new startup for the available networking options. Though it requires a wired connection, there are also some methods to hide the wires of projectors.

But what I would suggest you is to investigate your needs and desires before you swipe the credit card. If crispy HD bright picture for your professional place is your main concern then Optoma EH335 won’t have any worthy competitor. (check price from here)

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