LG HF65LA review: Is it a worthy device to choose?

LG HF65LA review: LG projector is popular among its customer due to the flexibility it produces while switching it from a TV to a projector of your home theater within a few seconds. The HF65LA is worth mentioning here, due to its portable and flexible feature and comes under the weight of 5pounds. Eventually, people wonder, Is this little package capable of offering quality pictures on big screens?

LG HF65LA review
LG HF65LA review

So, to clear all your doubts and give you a detailed LG HF65LA review, I have created this post and shared my experience and opinion after the use of 3 months.

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LG HF65LA Review

Resolution 1080p
Brightness/lumen 1000
Contrast Ratio 150,000:1
Throw distance 1.4′-2.3′
Screen size 60.00″-100.00″
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Quality of the picture offered by LG HF65LA

No doubt, The LG HF65LA won’t fail to impress you with its picture quality. The crispy HD resolution and high contrast ratio are just stunning. The inbuilt TruMotion technology offers a smooth frame transition and thus the motion blur effect is totally neglected. This in fact will let you watch your favorite action movie without any quality dark or brighter portion of the scenes.

A point that you must note is the brightness offered by LG HF65LA. Don’t keep your exception too high, as it only has 1000 lumens of brightness which may break your heart if you are unable to stream content until and unless the room is completely dark.

Moreover, if there exists any sort of light, you have to spend a couple of dollars and make it completely blackout.

LG HF65LA’s installation and setup

If you are a non-techy person, well Congrats. This device can keep you safe from all the complications involved in the installation process of projectors. All you need to do is to unbox the device, place it on a table or shelf and just switch it on.

Yeah, it is that simple.

The short-throw lens is capable of throwing the 100″ picture only 15″ away from the wall. This projector LG HF65LA conquered the list of ultra-short projectors due to its impressive throw distance ranging from 1.4″-2.3″

This device can be the best choice for those who prefer to avoid any extra mess of projector placement. You can easily place it in any self or table of similar dimensions and operate it from there.

A pro feature included in its adjustment is its 4 corner keystone. It gives you the opportunity to lock any picture. That is why your frustration is negligible in fact you did any wrong adjustment and want to return to the previous one.

The setup of software in this projector is simple as well and is similar to the LG smart TV interface( you will know well if you have used one before). The setup wizard will guide you through the process, just read and implement the instructions displayed to make it run. Likewise, the navigation menu and adjustment setting are also kept similar to a TV to avoid complexities for the non-techies.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a simple LG smart TV interface and Magic Remote
  • Offers an image locking feature and is easy to set-up
  • Crispy, clear picture quality irrespective of the size of the screen
  • Direct Bluetooth sound streaming option available
  • Ultimate short-throw device offering huge screen at only 15″ distance
  • Screen sharing feature available and is compatible with Windows and Androids.
  • Lacks 3D support.
  • No connection options for screen sharing for the iOS devices,

Connectivity: LG HF65LA review

The LG HF65LA does offer wireless connectivity and is fitted with modern technology. Though the projector market is flooded with sound sharing via Bluetooth options they fail to offer full streaming and screen sharing features unless you have bought this LG HF65LA.

The availability of the LG smart TV interface gives you an easy downloading option of streaming apps into the projectors directly. Additionally, the wi-fi connectivity makes it possible to share screens both from Android and Windows devices. Sadly, any kind of iOS support is not provided by the projector.

But that won’t be a big problem though. Instead of iOS support, it provides the other wired connectivity including the USB and HDMI input connection.

Final Verdict for LG HF65LA review

If comfort is your main concern, then LG HF65LA will be your best choice in the home theater(check price). The installment and setup are too easy. Moreover, the short-throw allows you to go for multiple placement options, and it’s lightweight enough to transfer from one place to another without taking many headaches.

I can say this is one of the most value-for-money short-throw portable projectors at this range.

This device can even satisfy your need for entertainment without the input of wires. Though gaming will surely require placing the cables in an HDMI port but still streaming wireless content and sound is cool for a person like me.

The overall performance and features included in this projector are good excluding the brightness. This device will be a worthy one only if you are able to eliminate any existing light in your room while you stream your favorite content in your home theater.

Some people, prefer to operate projectors in lightful rooms and some prefer darker ones. This could a hear5tbreaking for me to inform them that this won’t satisfy your desire to run it in the lightful room. Still, the final decision is yours. My job is to keep you aware of the advantages and drawbacks you gonna face.

Overall this device worked well for me and I hope it will for well for you as well. Hope you liked this LG HF65LA review and will surely make a choice soon.

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