JVC NX7 vs NX9: Ultimate Comparison in 2022

The JVC’s DLA projector line is considered to be expensive and at the same time is also considered to come under the best equipment category of a luxury home theatre.

It is actually the ultimate mixture of superior craftsmanship, quality, contrast, resolution, and whatnot. But if we compare JVC NX7 vs NX9, which ones stand out to be the ultimate winner is a matter of great confusion, until they are studied thoroughly.

So, Let’s find out.

JVC NX7 vs NX9
JVC NX7 vs NX9

JVC usually does upgrade their existing projector model with various types of superior changes and the model NX9 is an upgraded version of NX7 as well, which is inclined to produce sharper resolution and is upgraded with stronger lenses.

However, in overall build quality NX9 though seems to be a better choice but NX7 is still worthy to produce better picture quality than other projectors of this price range.

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Meanwhile, there is a lot more to consider for a complete analysis. Let’s break them down.

JVC NX7 vs NX9: Specifications

Features JVC NX7 JVC NX9
Resolution 4096 x 2160 4096 x 2160
Brightness (Lumens) 1,900 ANSI 2,200 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 80,000:1 100,000:1
Input lag 40ms
Lens zoom 2x Manual zoom 2x manual zoom
Throw distance 12.3′-20.7′ 11.9′-19.9′
Screen size 60″-201″ 60″-200″
Inbuilt Speakers Not present Not present
Price Check price check price


Our home theater technologies are able to reach a target of a maximum resolution of 4K ultra HD whereas there is still a craze left for evaluation of 8K resolution soon. It is assumed that an 8K screen would run on a pixel that is double that of a screen running on 4k pixels. Just imagine the detailing!

However, a 4K ultra HD resolution is equivalent to that of 8.3 Million on-screen pixels which in fact produces 4times more sharp resolution than full HD.

But you might be wondering, at what resolution does the NX7 and NX9 operate? Right?

Well for your curiosity, both of these JVC NX7 & NX9 operate with the 4k resolution content streaming technology. Eventually, it is not where it ends. The NX9 further utilizes pixel-shifting technologies that produce more detailed images or content by doubling the on-screen pixels.

Who is the winner? : No doubt, JVC NX9 is the winner here.


According to research, the Lamp brightness of a home theatre is expected to be around 1,500-2,000 for complete light control, which is bright enough for saturated pictures without doing any harm to your eyes even in dark rooms.

Although spaces with ambient light need more powerful lamps of lumen ranging from 2,000-3,000 for moderate and low light levels. And for totally bright spaces it needs a lamp producing brightness of 3,500 lumens.

The lumen of JVC NX7 is 1,900 lumen and it lies between the range 1,500 to 2,000 and is completely fit to produce premium quality images until and unless if the room is filled with even a little amount of light.

On the other hand, the JVC NX9 produces a brightness of 2,200 lumen which allows you to operate in the room having low to moderate light without hampering the viewing quality of the image.

Who’s the winner?- JVC NX9 without any doubt

3D performance

The 3D content streaming option is like buying bread in the market and having butter free. Similarly, both JVC NX7 & NX9 is do offer 3D content streaming options and support with full HD resolution.

NX7 offers 3D ready system which is even compatible with Nvidia Shield. Whereas, NX9 is capable of playing 3D content without the need for any other extra accessories while providing more options in 3D formats.

Winner: Its NX9 again

Setup and Installation

The picture adjustment features which are included in the high-end projectors are included in this JVC NX7. Whether you need the power zoom option or the vertical keystone correction it is equipped with every aspect of adjustment features. The keystone geometry adjusting option and the  Lens shifting features is really impressive. It not only saves time but also increases flexibility.

However, NX9 still has something more to offer in the installation process.  This projector comes with an installation mode dedicated especially to simplifying the setup and providing you with the proper guidance for aligning and optimizing the image.

Additionally, the ability to save settings of the picture and allow you to switch them whenever you need is away far advanced and makes it stand out in the crowd.

Winner: None other than the JVC NX9 win this point as well.

JVC NX7 vs NX9: Reviews


JVC NX7 vs NX9

JVC NX7 is built with an ideology to offer luxury and features for the high-end home theater. It is almost impossible to find any substitution for this model from the other projectors available in the market. The 17 elements 65 mm lens equipped with Dynamic Iris for offer perfection, in Contrast, is at a next-level feature integrated into this model.

In the color-producing specularities, the built-in 10-bit 3-chip color processor won’t fail to impress you with its realistic color components. Additionally, the HDR10 Tone mapping ensures the worthiness of the source material.

Though there exist a few serious drawbacks as well. One major one of them is its lack of portability. This projector is designed to offer luxury and is, therefore, comes with a permanent installation category projector.

Thereafter the bulky nature of its 40 pounds weight says much about it.

Secondly, it lacks any kind of inbuilt speakers, therefore you need to spend even more dollars to get yourself some good set of external speakers for enjoying the ultimate entertainment vibes.

However, NVC NX7 does try to cope up with its demerit with some impressive peculiar features. The installation offered by this NX7 in addition to the vertical keystone, horizontal and vertical lens shift, powered focus, and powered zoom give the next level installation ease. Meanwhile, the space adjustment limitation is almost nil as well turning it into a worthy versatile device.  It can even adjust with large size rooms. You just need to ensure that it is free from any sort of light.

The 3D-supported full HD high resolution and high contrast picture produced from this NX76 is not less than any commercial theatre. Additionally, the low input lag offered by this device also makes it suitable for casual gaming and the Motion enhancement optimization feature does ensure the quality and eliminate any kind of blind spot.

Pros & Cons

  • Eqipped with 17 element glass lens
  • Comes with inbuilt HDR10 Tone Mapping
  • Full HD streaming with 3D options
  • Offers color gamut of DCI-P3 spectrum
  • Quite low input latency for casual gaming
  • Wide 2x Zoom and 2D lens shift
  • Lacks built-in speakers
  • Lacks portability due to its bulky body
  • Doesn’t fit in small spaces
  • Not suitable to work in a room with ambient light


JVC NX7 vs NX9

This JVC NX9 is the upgraded version of NX7 and is therefore obvious to have more upgraded features than NX7. Additionally, this projector is even capable of producing images of resolution beyond 4K. However, it doesn’t support 8k input but manages to reach 8k resolution with e-shift technology to offer more sharp images.

The color gamut and the Auto Tone Mapping integrated into NX7 are bound to produce even saturation and the high native contrast and bright lamp help in it.

Similar to NX7, NX9 is also manufactured for enjoying the luxury of a commercial theatre in your own house in your own room space. But unlike NX7 the 18-element lens array and high lumen powerful lamp are even capable of operating its duty in the presence of a few amounts of light.

Installation is also quite easy under the installation mode and 10 user customizable picture settings.

The JVC NX9 also offers various formats of 3D without the need for any kind of transceiver. To eliminate the blur effect in the screen the Clear Motion Drive is functioning even while your Hollywood movie is playing live or your favorite game is at its high point.

This projector is your long-duration companion if you are aware of the proper care and build replacement process. Depending on the types of use, care taken, and the types of whether it can offer you an approximate lifespan of 4,500 hours.

Pros & Cons

  • It can offer resolution like 8K through its inbuilt technology
  • It maintains great accuracy, color, and contrast in its content
  • Easy to install due to its installation motion
  • Comes with top/bottom, side by side, and packed 3D formats
  • Equipped with 100mm 18 element glass lens
  • Offers Smooth on-screen action due it its live functional motion drive
  • Price is quite high
  • Doesn’t offer inbuilt speakers

Final Verdict: JVC NX7 vs NX9

If you give a close look at this JVC NX7 vs NX9 comparison, you will find that both of them do provide the luxury one could expect from a high-end projector. After examining the features, it is also clear that the NX9( check price from here) is far way better than NX7 in each and every aspect excluding the price point.

Therefore, if you want high-end features that are too on a budget then NX7 (check price from here)should be your choice but if you want top-notch features and you are willing to pay a high price, NX9 won’t have any substitutions.


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