JVC DLA NX5 Review: Is it worth buying?

The JVC DLA NX5 is designed to offer both quality and efficiency at the same time and be the genuine partner for the home theaters.

It comes with capabilities to deliver images with a native resolution of 4K, true HDR, and high contrast ratio.

JVC DLA NX5 Review
JVC DLA NX5 Review

The minute definition of any moving spot can be presented with great sharpness by this projector without losing the original quality.

Apart from providing high quality the best performance in projecting contents this device also comes in an expensive price segment if it is being compared with other projectors of the same segment.

Let’s find out is it worth investing in JVC DLA NX5 with a step-by-step breakdown in this JVC DLA NX5 review.

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JVC DLA NX5 review: Specifications

Resolution 4K ultra HD
Brightness/Lumens 1,800
Contrast Ratio Native: 40,000:1


Throw ratio 1.26-2.75:1
Screen size 60″-200″
Input lag 40-50ms
Price Check price

Set-up and Installation: JVC DLA NX5 Review

The JVC DLA NX5 is classified under the standard throw projector segment which clearly says that to produce a 200″ big image you will need a big room and place this projector at a distance of 20 feet.

Though you won’t be expelled out from the pros associated with the tight throw ratio I guess you would prefer not compromising with the clarity and definition of the projector rather than the room size.

On the other hand, this is a bulky projector weighing around 45 pounds and is therefore not suitable for portability and thus inhibiting you to carry it from room to room or one place to another.

As this projector comes with a huge weight, so your concern for installing this projector should primarily be based on ceiling mounting.

However, I would suggest you hire a professional for this work, as mounting this heavy device in the ceiling won’t be an easy task. And make sure to check all the screws are fixed firmly, even after the final touch.

Once you overcome the mounting, the dedicated installation mode, won’t waste much of your time in its setup. The pre-provided 9 Key image adjustment settings are far more advanced to make your work done within a few minutes.

For streaming content, you won’t get in scarcity of ports as it is readily packed with 2 HDR-enabled HDMI ports.

Quality of Picture: JVC DLA NX5 Review

While buying a projector most of our concerns revolve around the picture quality it gonna offer. Being a projector I went through the same circumstances as well.

But trust me, this JVC DLA NX5 won’t fail to impress you with the highly evolved picture quality.  It readily offers HDR10 compatibility that’s too with a color depth of 10 bits.

Which in fact results in 1000 different shades in addition to the true-life color and vibrant in each and every frame.

Additionally, this projector also offers Auto Tone Mapping Technology which is responsible for delivering the most accurate picture ever possible through image adjustment mastering information.

However, the contrast ratio of this device is far more to conclude.

On the brighter areas of the screen, the details get more prominent with the deep blacks and are, therefore, a suitable projector for those who are willing to have a projector for fast streaming content or sports or action movies as well.

It is quite impressive to note, that it won’t let you face any kind of motion blur even at the maximum screen size as well as definition.

This projector is a perfect competitor for the other 4k projectors of this similar segment. The combination of high-definition lens and native 4k resolution is ready to offer you the ultimate compiling speed.

Doesn’t matter whether it is 3D or 2D, the sharpness is always your companion while streaming content which other projectors can hardily offer.


High-end projectors though offer a great variety of features but at the same time also come with complex technicalities which are often termed as the A/V geeks which in fact make it hard to use especially if you belong to the non-techy group.

However, the menu layout offered by this JVC DLA NX5 is certainly instinctual and its functionality is regarded remotely.

Eventually, another opportune feature lies in its capacity to save picture presets. Saving 10 image setting combinations is not a big deal for this device while providing you with an easy switch easily as well.

Hence, it can as your time saver helping you to save time while changing the TV screen to a movie within fractions of seconds.

Performance: JVC DLA NX5 Review

JVC DLA NX5 has an input lag(often preferred low by the gamers mostly) of 40 ms-50 ms in Low Latency Mode. But this benchmark is slightly high based on the perspective of gamers.

They usually prefer the LATENCY PERIOD to lie lower than 30 ms, even while streaming high speed, graphics-intensive, and multiplayer games.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes with a readily available 3D formats
  • Installation and setup are comparatively easy (if compared with other projectors)
  • Offers a native 4K resolution
  • Real-time picture optimization is based on the Auto Tone Mapping feature.
  • It utilizes Motion enhanced features for smooth movement and action.
  • Comparitvely heavy, hence doesn’t offer portability
  • The brightness offered is quite low in this price segment.

Ending Statement: JVC DLA NX5 Review

This projector is the best choice for those who are willing to go for a permanent projector dedicated to the home theatre only. The best suitable environment for this bulky device is to work perfectly in a room with a slight light.(check price from here)

JVC DLA NX5 is though will cost you a few bucks more than a TV but according to me it is worth it, especially for a personal home theatre.

The picture quality and setup offered by this projector are mostly uncomparable and are regard3ed as the best projector in this price segment.

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