How to test projector lamp is bad in 2021?

Doesn’t matter whether you have an Epson projector or Optoma projector, wheater it is expensive or cheap, one thing in common, that they all contain lamp which is primarily responsible for producing the images you see on the screen.

How to test projector lamp is bad
How to test projector lamp is bad

Eventually, everything goes throw the “work and tear” theory, so does this lamp, and needs replacement after a few periods of time.

There were even cases in the past, where technologies were not that advanced and thus the lamp of the projector could burst and harm the projector as well.

But nowadays, Thanks to the Technologies. At least it won’t harm your expensive projector at least.

Meanwhile, it raises the question, on How to test projector lamp is bad? among the projector users since the old technologies are now past and no significant signs are produced by the projectors nowadays indicating the end of its lamp life.

But every problem has a solution, and here are a few steps one need to follow to get the answer to “How do I know if my projector lamp is bad”

How to test projector lamp is bad: 3 easy steps to Follow

1. Modern projectors come with lamp status indicators

Projectors that are manufactured nowadays come with an indicator that reveals the current status of the lamp and its remaining life.

So, just cross your finger and have a look at your projector’s user manual to find out whether you are equipped with this awesome feature or not.

These types of features are sophisticated in nature but don’t be upset if you are unable to find out. You could still possibly get to know the status of the build of your projector by simply looking at the projector body.

Many times this lamp releases yellow or red light and flashed on the body of the projector just before it is about to die. This sign could be your sign of alertness to replace the lamp.

2. Diagnose the issue

This step will be applicable for you only if your projector lacks the lamp status feature or if you are surrounded by inconclusive results.

A simple way to detect the status of the lamp is to identify the issue associated with it. These issues can be a reduction in brightness or contrast ratio in the picture produced which could finally lead to the failure of the lamp.

Additionally, the wavering and flickering effects on the image produced by the projector can also be an indication of the lamp’s ending soon. Whereas, the unavailable of pictures even the projector is switched on successfully can be a sign of a dead projector lamp.

3. Replace the lamp

Step 2 is not a full-proof process to know whether the issue caused by your projector is due to its lamp only( if you lack the lamp status indicator). So, here is a simple fix to confirm that.

Just get a new lamp and switch it with the existing one. If it gives you the desired images with the desired brightness and contrast, then it will certainly confirm the deadline of the existing lamp.

If you are unable to get the images still after replacing the bulb, then the issue is certainly associated with the projector itself.

In that case, hire a professional or take it to an electronic store, they will definitely diagnose your problem and inform it about it and the price it might cost you to repair it.

The final Statement: How to test projector lamp is bad?

Projector lamps come with a high life span and can serve you with constant use of more than 2,000 hours( depending on the type of projector you are using).

Meanwhile, some lamps gonna even last twice and sometimes even thrice than the above-mentoned value( these lamps are usually incorporated in the modern projectors).

If your projector is a few years old, and serving you constantly these past years and shows the above-mentioned visible signs, there could possibly be an indication stating about the failure of the lamp and urging you for a quick replacement.

Eventually, a clear, bright, and high contrast sharp image from a newly fitted lamp is much more satisfying than the misery a few dollars spent in purchasing it.

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