How to reset nec projector lamp without remote in 2021?

Having a newly purchased projector is fun at the beginning until and unless it demands proper care as time passes by. Similarly, if you own an NEC projector, it is obvious for you to face the issues and you should know How to reset nec projector lamp without remote.

How to reset nec projector lamp without remote
How to reset nec projector lamp without remote

But this seems to be confusing to most of the people out there. Even it was confusing for me at the beginning but gradually I learned all those technical things and those experiences I am gonna share in this post.

Usually, on your NEC projector, you must come across a lamp timer that is primarily responsible to count the time and act as an indicator for the bulb replacement.

Eventually, after the successful replacement of the bulb, there is a huge need to reset the lamp clock as well, and further if you lack the remote it gonna be more complicated for you.

Although here is the easy solution. High temperature is the main source of energy for the projection lamp. For the lamp to be operating it is the elevated temperature that needs to be activated and here rises the problem.

One needs to maintain proper cooling of the lamp during the projector shut down an overheating of its lamp can be a threat to both the projector and lamp.

So, what is the solution? Well, there are a few tactics listed below, which one should follow before learning How to reset nec projector lamp without remote:

  • Projectors that offer Eco mode, should be kept in that mode only.
  • However, air circulation is another major factor that should be taken into account. This ensures complete cooling of the lamp and eliminates overheating.
  • Exposure to the projector lamp to external factors like humidity, smoke, dust can and usually do reduce the life expectancy of the lamp and should be taken proper care of.
  • Proper cleaning and removal of dirt is an essential part of maintaining the projector.
  • While replacing the bulb one should take proper use of gloves while handling the bulb to reduce the accumulation of any kind of oil and grease.
  • Projectors should only be turned on when there is a constant power supply. Irregular supply of power of sudden power outage can damage the health of the projector.

Though these effective points can greatly help you to increase the life expectancy of the projector still timer will definitely prove the need to change the projector bulb and thereafter there is a need to learn How to reset nec projector lamp without remote again.

This learning is quite mandatory and needs to be done to enjoy proper home cinema movies. A warning sign, exhibiting the need for NEC projector bulb reset can be seen in the worst scenario.

It is due to the phenomenon of losing brightness as it burns out while passing through its entire service life. For a common understanding, if a build prod8ces a brightness that is 50% of its original brightness it is considered to have reached its half-life phase.

Although it’s hard for a common projector user to determine the life of the bulb by just seeing it, if you are not a professional and especially if it is not used frequently.

Step by step guide on, How to reset NEC projector without remote

The standard range of Life for a projector lamp lies between 4000-15000 hours as claimed by many leading projector manufacturing companies in the market. This means when it reached the upper limit the owner should change the lamp as it is the most vital part of a projector which is primarily responsible for generating the light output. Once, the lamp gives you a red indicator it means it has come to an end and needs to be replaced as fast as possible.

Many projectors do offer an automatic reset after easy replacement of the lamp but in the case of NEC it should be done manually in the following ways:

  • Tap on the “Menu” option and then follow the “Reset” one.
  • There you have to choose ” Lamp cleaning Time”
  • Once done a box will appear.
  • There will be an “Ok” option.
  • Tap on it.

It is not recommended to reset the lamp counter if you haven’t changed the projector lamp earlier. I hope you don’t want your expensive projector to get damaged and cost you a few dollars to repair it for something you have done against the projector care guideline.

The Main Menu method for NEC projector bulb reset

If you lack a remote and wondering, How to reset the NEC projector lamp without a remote, here are the actual steps you need to follow.

Observe your projector carefully, and find the “menu” button represents on the body of the projector itself and need to press it. The lamp source reset function can be provided as a separate item or can be provided under the same menu with “settings or service” or ” options or setup” or present itself as a “reset menu”.

It is essential to note that the life of the lamp depends on various factors. The lamp of some projectors may end before it reaches its max value and some lamps can even work after it crosses its max value. The actual life of the lamp cannot be predicted exactly in advance.

However, the presence of light source resetting options may differ from projector to projector and can be included under the ” Lamp setting” in many models. Once you complete your lamp replacement the next prior work should be ” Lamp reset” which should be done under the exact button present in the projector.

Facts to know before learning How to reset NEC projector lamp without remote


  • Once you change the lamp with a new one, you need to reset the timer of the lamp consequently.
  • This is essential for a new recording of your new lamp which will help you in calculating the new life expectancy of the newly placed lamp.
  • The old projector lamp once removed need to be disposed of properly, as it contains harmful chemicals and mercury, which may cause threat and problems to a living creature.

Final Verdict: How to reset NEC projector lamp without remote

The lamp is included in the list of vital components present in the projector which are both fragile and expensive at the same time. It should be taken proper care of and thereafter should be cleaned on regular basis.

Make sure to keep a weekly check on the lamp life indicator and change it once it ran out of its life.


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