How to hide projector wires in 2021?

Projectors are through great devices to add value to your gaming as well as entertaining experience at affordable prices still the hurdles to tuck the wires used to power the projector can make your beautifully decorated room look a bit messy. Eventually, if your projector is ceiling mounted then my friend it can be really a serious headache that might get you thinking How to hide projector wires?

How to hide projector wires
How to hide projector wires

Well, I would like to inform you that your creativity is your solution. If you are a creative person, then you can easily get rid of those annoying long wires. But if you are not or you want more ideas, I will make you walk through a few effective and affordable ways which I have used in my room and get rid of those wires.

These steps will work on any projector no matter it is ceiling mounted or placed on a table. Let’s start with the main part now.

How to hide projector wires

#1 Cover all the cables of the cord

Though this headline sounds stupid but trusts me it is effective if you get me. There are various types of covers available in the market and are used for covering the messy cables of electronic devices. These cord covers offer various colors which can make your room look elegant.

Disclaimer: The cord cover cannot make those cables disappear. It will still be visible to you and your roommates, but it will give your room an organized view.

Pro tips: Choose the color of the cord cover complementary to your room color or in accordance with it. This will reveal a wise sense of creativity in you and enhance your room decor to a huge extend.

Pros: They are easily available and are inexpensive.

Cons: They cannot be made disappear even if it matches the color of the decor.

#2 Why use any type of cord?

Wondering, if you don’t use any cord, how your projector gonna work. Right?

Well, actually it will work, even if you eliminate all the messy unorganized cables. All you need to do is to turn each and every cable connection into a wireless one.USB and HDMI dongle can really help you out.

You just need to do a little effort and insert them into the content source and send those content directly into the projector wirelessly. No cord no Mess.

Make use of the Bluetooth-enabled speaker for having a wireless sound in your cordless setup.

The only cord which you won’t be able to eliminate is the power cord. There doesn’t exist any technology till today to transfer power to your projecting device cordlessly as the projector doesn’t offer battery backup.

However, you can minimize the length of the power cable to a great extend, if you are lucky enough to have enough space beside your power input.

Personal experience: In my room, the power input is too far from my ceiling-mounted projector. So, what I did actually is that I converted all the wired connections to wireless ones and covered the visible part of the power cord with a cord cover of the same color as that of my room and ceiling. Though this doesn’t make the cord invisible, it really made my room organized and gave the cordless feeling.

#3 Utilize your room’s wall to hide the cable

This method is though effective on the other hand is both expensive and labor-intensive.

How to hide projector wires
How to hide projector wires

Disclaimer: Don’t go with this method if you don’t have any prior practical experience in handling or dealing with high voltage electrical systems. As you might get an electrical shock while dealing with power cable ( if not handled with care) and it also poses a serious fire threat from the heat generated while drilling the wall. It is recommended to hire a professional or get an experienced DIY-er who has practical knowledge for this role.

This method is the only one that can give a totally clean look to your room even after connecting multiple cables. Meanwhile, this will cost you a few dollars for hiring professionals and buying good quality durable cables and tools.

#4 Rearrange the equipment present in the room wisely

If you are smart enough you would find out why you don’t need to hide cables that you used for connecting multiple devices through your TV mounted on the TV stand.

Why don’t you apply the same logic to get rid of the projector cables? Hope you get my point.

If you are still confused, then I would recommend you to get a cabinet or a tall shelf and place your projector there and align all the cable behind the self or inside it.

This will enhance your home decor as well and give a more premium and modular look.

#5 Let your soundproofing material serve you with a double purpose

Your main concern is to hide the unorganized cables raised from your projector. Then why don’t you utilize your existing soundproofing material to hide them?

Confused? Let me elaborate on it for you.

Basically what I want you to understand is the proper use of sound in the home theatre experience by artificially enhancing the potential of your existing room through artificial material available. It involves bouncing back of the sound waves through the wall and ceiling by absorbent material. If you installed these features earlier, just align the projector cable behind them and your problem is solved.

Eventually, don’t harm the attractive home decor at all. Instead get ideas about enhancing it through the double purpose soundproof curtains, wall rugs, ceiling rugs, etc.

Additional tips on How to hide projector wires

I have included the top 5 methods on how to hide the wire of projectors. But that doesn’t mean there are 5 methods only. In fact, if you are a creative person, numerous ideas would pop up in your brain and you have to utilize them only.

Moreover, the size of the room, placement of the furniture, and the architect of the house differ from one to another. In such a scenario, it is really hard for me to predict, the exact method that would be perfect for you.

So, instead, follow my personal method which I used while choosing to hide the unorganized wires of my projectors in my room.

It is quite simple. You just need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Would your room space permit another outlet?

If your ceiling-mounted projector is really harming the room decor which you planned earlier. Just look around and note the empty spaces where you could possibly make another outlet. Though you must keep in mind the effectiveness of the projector.

Eventually, if your projector comes under the portable category, you got a huge advantage. Don’t waste the flexibility that your device has offered you.

2. What are the Do’s and Don’t for your room

A rented house won’t allow you the ease to drill the wall whereas a house owned by you doesn’t guarantee you the same. The material used while building your house may or may not provide you with ease either. So, check every aspect and consequences you gonna have after drilling. Choose the methods explained above accordingly.

3. Does your budget permit you?

Few methods explained above would cost you really high for both the material to be used and the professional to be hired. So, think wisely after making a budget which you can spend.

4. How much cable do you want to hide

If you just want some of the messy cables to get rid of, a colorful tape similar to that of your room color would be enough followed by another, the method explained above. But if you want the cable to hide totally, then look for the drilling one but don’t forget about the disclaimer I had mentioned.

Conclusion on How to hide projector wires

In 2021 it is absolutely possible to hide any existing cable attached to your projector by The methods I had mentioned above  on, How to hide projector wires

I hope these experiences and ideas of mine are really helpful. A share would be greatly accepted.



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