How to connect a speaker to a projector in 2021?

Though there are plenty of projectors available in the market with inbuilt speakers many of them fail to provide the vibe in sound which we look for. Here rises a need to get those sounds through external speakers. Eventually, there also rises another challenge of how to connect a speaker to a projector. Especially to those who are a bit non-techy.

How to connect a speaker to a projector
How to connect a speaker to a projector

So, to help them get out of this riddle we have come up with a step-by-step simple guide that will surely give you the answer, “How to connect a speaker to a projector” even if you belong to the most non-technical category as well.

How to connect a speaker to a projector

Here are the steps you need to follow :

1. Switch off both the speakers and projection before doing the setup

This step is crucial and you must follow it in the first place to make sure you aren’t prone to get any electrical shock or causing severe damage to your devices in the ongoing process of your setup.

Also, this will keep you away from the annoying noise of the speaker which we usually get on a speaker setup.

2. Setup all the Components

Make sure to figure out whether you need to make your projector live directly with the speaker or you gonna make use of the multiple audio channels. Moreover, you still need to figure out the best place to place the projector keeping the speaker or receiver aspect in your mind.

I would recommend you to decide it earlier as to get rid of unnecessary frustration in completing your assemble in case if you run a shortage of the cables.

3. Find out the Audio Jack in the projector

How to connect a speaker to a projector via cable

The place of the Audio Jack differs from model to model but it is estimated to be on the side of the connection ports (including power input and signal input) in most of the available models. Once you are done finding it, your next concern is its accessibility once your projector gets on use.

If you are moving towards ceiling mount, I would say this would be the greatest concern for you all.

4. Insert Cable into the projectors and receiver

Make use of these readily available cables and interest them in the projectors and receiver. Whereas a projector mounted on the ceiling would make your work easy. You just need to take down the projector and insert the cables.

For pro advice on How to connect a speaker to a projector, I would recommend you to put it back once you are done with the plug-in. This is to make sure you do have a sufficient length of cable. It will be really heartbreaking once you complete the setup and find out you ran out of cable while you trying to setback your projector to the ceiling.

5. Switch on the Equipment and run the audio signal trial

The final step will confirm were your hard work was legit or just a waste of time. Once you turn in the equipment you should get some sound from the speaker through your projector. When confirmed secure the cable laying on your room, so that they don’t mess later on.

You should prioritize it as it might be responsible for damaging your device later on. The worst can be,” You walking on your room unconsciously and tripping on the wire and tear it out of the device.

But if the sound didn’t pop out of the speaker, don’t get upset. There is still some easy fix for this issue. All you need to do is to inspect where the actual mess lies. Here are a few lines to ask yourself, to figure out the issue.

Is there any bit of sound available in the projector’s inbuilt speakers?

Turn on your projector and increase the volume. If there is any sort of sound available on the inbuild projector’s speaker, then there is a possibility that you have either plugged the speaker on a wrong post or there is any loose connection with the port.

The functionality of the device work such, “The inbuilt speaker gets disabled once successfully connected to an external speaker.”

Congratulation, you finally find out the issue.

Investigate on the projector audio deeply

Once your projector is switched on, play something and inspect the audio if any. If there is no audio, just go to the setting and check if the system volume is turned mute or not.

If mute, your problem is solved. Just turn it on.

Try inspecting other audio from an external speaker

Here you will face two types of scenarios:

  1. Speaker dedicated to the projector
  2. Speaker part of the broader sound system

If you fall under the first case, you have to plug your dedicated speakers into another device like a Home theatre or TV and adjust the speaker until you receive the sound that your heart craves. Once done, get them plugged back to the projector.

Whereas, if you fall under the 2nd case, just flip it to a channel for another device. If you get a positive response from there, cross-check the projector’s channel and ensure a strong connection of the cables.

How to connect a speaker to a projector wirelessly?

The steps explained above will definitely get your projector connected to the speaker by making use of cables. But nowadays people prefer connecting external speakers to the projectors via a wireless connection to get rid of the hassle of plugging cables.

Eventually, these wireless connections are highly beneficial especially for projectors held for ceiling mount.

Though many projectors lack the functionality of wireless connectivity mostly. Still, a Bluetooth transmitter can offer you the ease of a cordless connection by sending its audio wirelessly.

You just need to find the audio part of the projector and plug it in.

The modern transmitter will self-pair with the available Bluetooth connection once it gets active or else you can follow the manual pairing guide of that respective device.

The addition of this transmitter adds more complexity to the connection and in case it doesn’t work as expected, it would be a really huge problem while troubleshooting the issue.

The above-mentioned facts work here as well and once you give a green signal to both the speaker and projector, the only device left is the Bluetooth transmitter. The only troubleshooting option left with you right now is to reset and repair the transmitter.

Hopefully, this will get you out of the mess and give you the answer to How to connect a speaker to a projector wirelessly.

The conclusion: How to connect a speaker to a projector

The complexities do take place where there are technical dealings, doesn’t matter whether you connect it wirelessly or with wire. But the troubleshooting measure is simple and is often overlooked by our frustration.

So, keep your mind calm and follow this guide and you will definitely be successful in “How to connect a speaker to a projector”.



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