how to connect projector to laptop without vga port in 2021?

How to connect projector to laptop without VGA port: The boon of advancement in technology left the presentation and overhead projectors many years back. Modern projectors are both efficient and reliable which offer lots of advanced capabilities including HD pictures, wireless compatibility, and crispy crystal clear image even in the presence of Ambient light.

Modern technology had even blessed us with even powerful projectors that can divide the screen and display pictures at different quadrants at the same time.

how to connect projector to laptop without vga port
how to connect projector to laptop without vga port?

In simple words, Projectors can be assumed as an inverted camera that offers pictures by separating out the lens without receiving them. Its working principle is mostly similar to that of a Television or computer screen. This is an optical device that displays an image on a surface (usually known as a projector screen).

These images displayed by a projector offer us the ease of resizing and also offer the flexibility to carry it anywhere.

Though many a time we do need to connect our laptop to our projector for various purposes. But that is not a  problem. Instead, Our main concern rises when your laptop lacks a VGA port (modern laptops don’t offer a VGA port usually).

Wondering how to connect projector to laptop without VGA port?

The answer is the HDMI port. Laptops that are not fitted with a VGA port will definitely offer an HDMI port for sure. You will just need a compatible high-quality HDMI cable and plug it with your devices and you are good to go.

Eventually, I have seen other problems as well. Like the mismatch in ports between your two devices. But as you know, “Every problem has its solution”. In this case, the solution is the “converters”.

Various types of converters are available in the market including the USB to HDMI converter and vice versa, VGA to HDMI converter and vice versa, and many more.

Though the market is flooded with various types of projectors models which offer various types of connection options. But in this post, I will guide you through the problem of, how to connect projector to laptop without VGA port only.

So, how to connect projector to laptop without VGA port? Any idea?

No? Here is it,

how to connect projector to laptop without VGA port

Step 1:

Let me assume your laptop is turned off( if not, do it). The first action for you to follow is to plug the video cable from the projector in to your laptop’s external video port.

Once done, make use of the HDMI to VGA adapter ( as your laptop doesn’t offer any VGA port) and connect your laptop’s HDMI port to your projector VGA port. Don’t get upset about the picture quality, this HDMI to VGA adapter won’t fail to offer you a high-quality resolution. (1080p)

They are efficient, portable, and don’t require any kind of external source of power.

Step 2:

This is the final step of this step-by-step guide. Connect the power cord of your projecting device to the electric source and switch it on. secondly, turn on your laptop.

Congratulations, your laptop, and projectors are finally interconnected that’s too without the use of any VGA port.

A pro tip: If you want audio, you should make sure to plug the laptop’s audio output port into an external speaker or into the projector.

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