How to connect phone to projector in 2021?

Almost every projector available in the market does offer the flexibility to consume content in various ways. Meanwhile, to figure out the best connectivity option for your projector is to explore your device first.

How to connect phone to projector
How to connect phone to projector?

For e.g,  Some projectors come with readily available HDMI ports only, whereas some offer variety of connections starting from the USB and ending to the Bluetooth connectivity. Though customers are unaware of the steps  involved in “How to connect phone to projector

Eventually, there doesn’t exist any straightforward answer as the variety of connections and setup depend on one projector to another.

In terms of high definition (HD) picture quality, the HDMI connection is unbeatable and that’s why it is the basic connection provided by all the projectors. It will give you the ultimate gaming experience as well. But the main loop lies in How to connect phone to projector as it involves the connection with a tiny micro-USB port only.

Let me guide you with some cool effective steps.

How to Connect phone to projector

1. Know your projector first and Learn about its available connection options

If you are in luck you will find the USB port on your projector as it is rarely offered by the Company. Moreover, you will be more likely to find a USB port on a projector designed for documents rather than a projector designed for home theatre models.

Keep your finger crossed, we hope your projector company didn’t disappoint you. Once you find it, the next step is simple. Just take a cable and attach it to the device and cross-check the input channel before you turn them on.

If you fail to find a USB port in your projector, don’t be upset. It is one of the ways on, How to connect a phone to projector, as it is, not the only way. You just have to make use of the HDMI port in this case.

Well if you lack that too, then I am really sorry. You gonna have a lot of trouble with the connection as the only option left next to you is the VGA port which is definitely not easy.

2. Explore your phone and compatibility

Since you are done sorting out the projector connection compatibility, it’s time to find out the same for your phone now. Modern devices probably Samsung come with adapter compatibility and offer you the feature to transfer data from your phone via USB port to your projector’s HDMI port directly.

Similar, High-end phones offer MHL compatibility. If your phone does have that MHL feature. there’s good news for you.  You just need to buy an MHL to HDMI adapter and connect it.

MHL stand for Modern High Definitaion Link

For a small disclaimer, I would suggest you go for the same version of the MHL adapter, which is being supported by your version of MHL. Else you would run into a problem of version mismatch.

3. Choose your Adapter wisely

Simply buying an adapter is super cool but the problem of compatibility due to the version mismatch is the real headache.

Like the MHL, each and every adapter you choose to get in your projector setup, gonna play a really important role. People often face a problem where they purchase an adapter and are unable to connect it with the device due to the mismatch of the version.

So, it’s though an easy step and is equally tricky as well. So, choose it wisely and according to your required version.

A pro tip: Get an adapter specially designed for the phone model you are holding in your hand or the projector model you had hung up in the ceiling. This will ensure 99% compatibility with these devices. Likewise, adapters designed by the same manufacturer that your devices can solve you issue of compatibility you are facing. Generic adapters do cost less but may make you suffer in the end. So, spending a few more dollars and getting a specifically defined adapter is a wise choice.

4. The final Mess up

Setting up the connection is though easy but problematic especially if you are a non-techy person. But it is actually simple.

All you need to do is to plug the two ends of the adapter into your projector and phone respectively and turn on the power button for working confirmation.

Troubleshooting tips: Running a quick restart without unplugging the cable can be a quick solution if your fail to see the communication.

The steps of How to connect phone to projector are really easy. Utilizing the right connectivity port and using the proper adapter is all you need to make your job done.

The warmth joy of Watching a movie with a warm glass of coffee can be a few minutes away only. These steps are actually to be followed if you are finding an answer for How to connect phone to projector using USB as well.

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