How to clean projector lens in 2021?

A projector user should know, How to clean projector lens with time as it gets surrounded by dust particles as time passes by and therefore can reduce the overall projector performance including the quality of the image and the brightness of the lens.

how to clean projector lens
how to clean projector lens

It is mandatory to keep a time to time check for your projector lens to avoid any kind of expensive repair and to make sure you are enjoying the best quality of pictures.

The best part is you don’t need to be an expert in technology to clean projector lens. A little amount of time, as well as focus, is enough to get your work done. But make sure to proceed with this work very carefully as it might get your projector’s lens minute damage or scratches.

Overall, the task is quite easy and can be done in a couple of minutes which in return can increase the performance, life, and quality of image for your projector.


  1. Compressed air
  2. Microfiber cloth
  3. Lens cleaning solution
  4. Tissue

Step by step guide on How to clean projector lens

#1 Switch off the projector and unmount it

When you are ready to clean your projector lens the first thing which you should do is to switch it off and allow a few minutes for the lens to cool before you unmount it. This should be done to avoid any kind of electrical shock and ensure the safety of the lens( A used lens turns hot and get fragile, which might break during the cleanup process).

#2 Unbox the back panel of your projector

Since I am not familiar with the model of your projector I am unable to assist you through the exact follow-up. But don’t get scared.

You just need to bring the user manual (it will be inside your projector box) and follow the mentioned steps. I am using an Optoma projector and if you are an Optoma user, well then this can be your exclusive guide on How to clean Optoma projector lens. The back cover is easy to remove by unplugging the screws. You just follow the instructions mentioned in your manual and you will be done soon.

#3 Make use of the compressed air to clean your projector

Hold your compressed air can at a distance of 3-4 inches from the devices and take the required amount of shot towards the visible dust particles.

In my projector, there was a lot of dust accumulated around the projector’s fan. So I need to apply some extra shot of air on it.

If you face the same situation as that of mine, clean it preciously. You just need to ensure there doesn’t exist any kind of dust before you close the back cover.

#4 Clean the inner side wisely

Many times, compressed air does tend to remove the dust particles with its pressure, eventually, those particles get accumulated again on the projector’s surface once the air pressure reduces.

Make sure, you remove all dust effectively. Once you are done with compressed air, make use of a clean microfibre cloth before you introduce any moisture in the cleanup process.

#5 Give special care to clean the housing exterior

Dust and moisture are complementary to each other. (I mean they can easily stick to each other) so make use of that fact and remove the last standing dust particles on the housing exterior with special care. Do focus on cleaning the fan vent as well.

#6 Final cleanup for the lens

The finishing touch should be through your lens only. This is the most important and fragile part of a projector so do handle it with special care.

Make a circular motion cleanup with tissue paper after you have applied the lens cleaner over the lens. The lens cleaner won’t reside there for long. It will hardly take 1 minute to disappear as they are volatile in nature. Once done, replace the lens cap and your projector lens is cleaned finally.

How to prevent dust from entering inside the projector?

Doesn’t matter whether it is an expensive projector or a cheap one, every projector needs a time-to-time cleanup. You can’t do anything to stop the dust from entering completely;y inside your projector. The only thing which you can do is to minimize the entry of dust. How?

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Maintain a periodical cleanup of your projector’s fan: The Fan present inside a projector is primarily responsible for collecting dust inside your device. Though it is one of the most vital components of the projector as well. You cannot just eliminate a projector’s fan just because it is sucking in the dust and making your projector’s lens dusty as it plays an important role in regulating the temperature of the projector. All you can do is clean the lineup of the dust that gets accumulated in the inlet vent of your projector’s fan to minimize the dust accumulation.
  • Spend a couple of dollars and get an air purifier: This is actually an idea I got from my friend. What he suggested to me is to get a decent air purifier and get it placed just close to the air vent of the projector. Though it might hamper the home decor but trust me it is a worthy defense against the dust particles present in the room’s air which in fact gets accumulated inside the projector through the air vent.
  • Cover it when not in use: This is a quite simple suggestion. Dust are minute particles that are really hard to get off. So, why don’t you provide an external guard(cover the lens with a projector cover) to the lens when they are not in use. This will definitely reduce the periodical cleanup of your projector and increase the life of your device and lens as well.

The conclusion: Clean projector lens

Dust is a natural entity present everywhere. Just because we are unable to see them with normal eyes doesn’t mean they don’t exist there. They are impossible to get rid of completely. The only thing you can do is to minimize through the steps explained above.

I hope these steps and guide helped you a lot in minimizing the enter of dust and guided you through the process on how to clean projector lens in detail.

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