how to hook up nintendo switch to projector in 2021

It is quite impossible to talk about gaming consoles and don’t include the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid nature between a home console and portable gaming setup makes this Nintendo switch worthy for it. However, the availability of this hybrid type of console in today’s market is almost zero due to the huge demand and sales.

how to hook up nintendo switch to projector
how to hook up nintendo switch to projector

It indicates that no one of the gamers is ready to lose the big screen gaming experiences-haha.

However, if you finally manage to get yourself a Nintendo Switch, you might wonder How to hook up a Nintendo switch to a projector just like I asked myself when I got one on my birthday. Obviously, who wants to get rid of the large screen gaming performances when you have the powerful Nintendo switch in your hand which is capable of providing you both flexible connectivity and portability.

Meanwhile, a large screen TV can be a substitute for a projector but trust me it would still lack that gaming vibes which a projector can offer you.

These conditions in result make projector manufacturers produce more and more projectors of the various inexpensive and expensive price ranges. Although, if you have already chosen your ultimate projector to pair with the portable Nintendo Switch, here is the step-by-step guide.

Nintendo Switch-A short guide

Before you get deep into the guide on How to hook up a Nintendo switch to projector, you must get small ideas and its working principles. It is essential to note, that Wii-U, the earlier released Nintendo switch suffered huge losses in the market. The reason which is primarily responsible for this loss is the availability of shallow motion control which in fact is unable to support or is incompatible with many trending games of that time.

Thereafter, it was also incapable of various technical features and is available only with a few options. These casualties of Nintendo, made them suffer a lot and eventually failed to gather the attention of the gamers.

However, it doesn’t end there. Nintendo make an epic comeback with the Nintendo Switch, which gather huge attention of the gaming masses, and the demand raises to such extent that it got out of stock very frequently.

Are you curious to know, what exact features does it offer in its comeback? Read below to know that.

Features of Nintendo Switch

On its comeback, Nintendo made a primary target and included occasional as well as serious gamers in their range and offered portable gaming flexibilities with various types of games produced by Nintendo itself and other 3rd Parties as well. This raises the demand in the market. Some of them which are worthy to be mentioned include Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Dark Soul Remastered.

But I guess like me, you also must be confused What actually makes it unique from the other consoles? Right

It is a region-free feature. All you need to do is to put it on, and you will be able to access each and every games you bought from anywhere on this planet and run it without being tensed about the region from where you had purchased it.

This Nintendo Switch doesn’t fail to impress you with the ultimate output of 1080p on the big screen display of the projector. However, it can still offer at least 720p resolution with outstanding graphics even in tablet mode. Meanwhile, the process to connect a Nintendo switch to a projector is similar to that of connecting a projector.

All you need is an HDMI port. Additionally, this console provides you the flexibility to switch from one device t another without interfering with the gaming progress. That means you can resume from the same place where you have quit.

Step by Step Guide: How to Hook up Nintendo Switch to Projector

The Nintendo Switch comprises a table of size 6.2 inches, two joy-con controllers, a TV dock, a joy-con grip, an HDMI cable (most important), and a charger. To hook up with the projector, an HDMI cable and TV dock are all you need.

Before we move on to the guide, let me clear it at first. Integration with the projector can be done in two ways:

1. A simple straightforward way(how to hook up nintendo switch to projector): If your projector is equipped with HDMI offerings, then this is the process you should follow. It is easy and short and doesn’t come with many technicalities.

how to hook up nintendo switch to projector
how to hook up nintendo switch to projector with HDMI

2. A lengthy and complicated way(how to hook up nintendo switch to projector): In case your projector lacks HDMI offerings and is equipped with VGA and RCA output, it will make the connection a bit lengthy and will also include lots of technicalities.

how to hook up nintendo switch to projector without HDMI
how to hook up nintendo switch to projector without HDMI

But you don’t need to get worried about it. I will guide you through both of them.

How to connect Nintendo switch to a projector with HDMI port

  • The Nintendo Switch dock should be your main concern here. Whether you are willing to connect your projector with a TV, or a projector or a monitor all you need to do is to remove the back covering of the switch’s dock.
  • Now make use of the USB plug and connect one end of the Nintendo Switch AC adapter to the top terminal of the dock with a tag marked as “AC ADAPTER”. Consequently, attach the other adapter’s end to the socket.
  • Next, find out the terminal marked as “HDMI OUT” in the bottom-most terminal of the dock. Once you discover it, attach your HDMI cable to it. Once done, integrate the other end of the HDMI cable with your projector.
  • Lastly, close the opened cover of the switch’s dock and put the console onto it. But before that remove the joy-con controller attached to the sides. However, you must register them earlier to utilize them as a wireless controller if there doesn’t exist any connection between your console and controller.
  • To integrate the dock with your console, you need to place the console such that the LCD screen faces the dock’s front panel.

Once you complete the last step, now all you need to do is to turn on the projector and you are good to go.

How to hook up Nintendo switch to projector without an HDMI port

Go for this process, once your projector lacks the HDMI output or is a vintage LCD projector. In this case, you will need extra equipment in the setup which is possibly known as an adapter or converter. Also, you must ensure that the adapter or converter whatever you purchase, must be compatible with your device

Once bought, plug the HDMI end into the adapter and then insert it into the projector. Succeeding steps are the same as that of connecting a Nintendo switch to a projector through an HDMI. Make sure you get an HDMI to A/V convert and avoid getting the opposite.

Final Verdict: How to hook up Nintendo switch to projector

There could be hardly any gamer who would need an introduction with the Nintendo switch. The variety of options in case of connectivity or mobility is hard to escape from the sharp eyes of a gamer. The Nintendo switch will never fail to company you in your gaming doesn’t matter whether it’s on the road or a large screen family game night.

It is quite easy to connect a Nintendo switch to projector and I hope after my “How to hook up Nintendo switch to projector guide” there would hardly exist any queries. You are basically a few distances away from streaming your 1080p resolution game on the large screen, doesn’t matter whether your device supports an HDMI port or lacks it.

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