Optoma hd142x vs hd143x: Which one is best?

In the field of projectors and home theatre, Optoma is one of the leading manufacturers in the US market. There is a wide availability of worthy options available in their product line which makes it extremely difficult for their customers to make a choice. Likewise, if you consider Optoma HD143X vs HD142X, the comparison starts with a battle between versatility and value.

hd142x vs hd143x
Hd142x vs Hd143x

The pros associated with both the projectors are huge. Starting from the great quality of the image and ending to the best-built quality, both of the projectors give a tough competition.

Majority of the projector lover prefer going with the affordable Optoma HD143X as a wise choice and we won’t hesitate to agree with it.

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Still, stuck in a dilemma? Let us break the optoma hd143x vs hd142x comparison further for you.

Optoma HD142X vs HD143X: Base feature

Optoma HD 142X Optoma HD 143X
Dimensions 4.27″ x 12.44′ x9.20′ 3.70″ x 11.70″ x 9.00″
Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Brightness(lumens) 3000 3000
Contrast Ratio 23,000:1 23,000:1
Input lag 33ms 16ms
Lamp Life (hours) 8000 15,000
Built-in Speakers 10 W 10 W
Price Check Price Check Price

Features Included in products Optoma hd142x vs hd143x

The base features including the contrast ratio and brightness of both the product, no doubt are almost identical. The only noticeable differences arise in logistical matters. This includes your space for the projector, the way you get the product, and the way you set it up.

In these 3 aspects, you will be able to differentiate these great projectors.

Throw Ratio:

For well-being, if you are unaware of this terminology, let me break it down for you thoroughly. It is a metric that informs you about an increase in the size of the image with each inch of distance between the screen and the projector.

The two projectors give a good reason for comparison on the basis of max screen size. But if your space is small then HD142X will definitely be your wise choice, as you won’t need to keep it far away to get the desired photo. Thus, it can easily resolve your space-related problems.

So, HD142X is the winner in hd142x vs hd143x comparison.


Though most of the projectors are not readily available for easy portability from one room to another. Still, the time consumed in the setup and the size of the product reveals the true idea to measure its portability.

The plug-and-play setup with a lightweight casing of Optoma 143X will be the best choice for you if you prefer portability over throw ratio. Optoma 143X is the winner here. If portability is your concern, you must look at Epson Ef-11 once.


The projector lover does prefer products that come with the ease of multiple content streaming options. Though both Optoma HD143X and HD142X don’t fail to offer you content from gaming consoles, streaming media, cable boxes through the HDMI inputs. Still one of them(HD142X) lacks the MHL connection. Thus, it fails to offer you the phone and tablet content streaming options.

The HD142X model is the winner here in optoma hd143x vs hd142x.

Optoma HD142X vs HD143X: Complete reviews

Optoma 142x

If it comes to the most elegant, compact, and versatile modern projectors, the name would be none other but the Optoma HD142X. The Non-compromisable true REC 709 COLOR and high ratio of contrast make it eligible to offer great picture quality.

It comes with a powerful lamp of brightness 3000 ANSI lumens to offer you the most crispy and clear image, even if there exists any ambient light in your room.

The simplicity in setup is a great observable point in this product. You can say the ease of use, make it the ultimate point of attraction. If you are a non-techy person still you can easily set it up anywhere and the keystone feature offer you an easy image adjustment option.

The availability of 2HDMI and MHL inputs gives you the ease of wide content connectivity. You can simply view content from any streaming stick as well as mobile or tablet within a fraction of a second.

The short-throw ratio offers you an opportunity to experience the large screen even if you have a viewing room on the smaller side.

From a price perspective, the Optoma HD142X stands out to be decent or average. Its current price is accordingly based on most of the projectors of 1080p offering similar picture quality. So, it is not too high neither too low. Just moderate pricing. It is definitely worth it for the long term. Moreover, observing the technology trend, this product won’t make you feel outdated due to its HD resolution and 3D capability.

Pros & Cons

  • Offer MHL connection, thus you can view content from mobile/tablet
  • Gives full 3D content streaming from gaming consoles, blue-ray, etc
  • Large screen from a short distance
  • 3000 brightness ANSI lumen, which offers an exact color
  • High contrast ratio
  • Keystone adjustment
  • A bit expensive, if you are on a low budget
  • In bright mode, lamp life is of 5000 hours only.

Optoma HD143X

The first noticeable point between the optoma HD132X vs HD142X is its cost. Optoma HD143X comes with a similar contrast ratio, brightness, and resolution but is some hundred dollars cheaper than the previous product. The long lamp life makes it value for money if you compare it with HD142X. It offers a 12,000 hours lamp life, enough time before really need to order a new lamp for your projector.

The throw ratio is decent. It is because the screen does offer a large image of up to 300 inches but you will need a quite bit of distance to get it. Still, the easy setup and play option don’t let it go out of the race.

The zoom feature available in it can get you the desired image but the unavailability of the keystone makes it a little hard to handle in getting the right image for most of the users.

The most superior feature which makes it a worthy competitor for HD142x is its compact size. This makes it easily comparable with the 1080p projectors and comes with a weight of 5 pounds only. If your main concern is portability, this will the best choice for you.

Pros & Cons

  • High contrast ratio and brightness
  • Ofeer 3D content streaming
  • Elegant, compact, and lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Longivity of lamp is 10 years.
  • Lacks MHL connectivity
  • Lack keystone, hence no image adjustment

Our Recommendation in Optoma hd142x vs hd143x

Customers do love the great picture quality offered by both the HD142X and HD143X as they don’t fail to give a high start rating with outstanding reviews. The compatibility to handle ambient light in both the projectors, make them really impressive as they won’t allow any compromise with the quality of the picture. The contrast ratio offers the most value in this price range of 1000 dollars.

Moreover, both these projectors come under the beginner-friendly category and don’t need much adjustment to align the picture. It would probably take you only a couple of minutes to unpack the box and make your favorite movie run on it. The keystone adjustment feature can even lower your setup time and offer more flexibility.

This makes the HD143X maintain a high record of high ratings in this value and portability as compared to HD142X. Moreover, you will hardly find any projector offering you such a great HD quality picture and costing you less than $500.

This point makes the HD143X a wise choice for projector lovers unless their concern moves to flexibility which is being offered by HD142X.

Final Verdict for Optoma hd142x vs hd143x

It is worth mentioning that the difference in quality between an 800 dollar projector and 500 dollar projector is huge most of the time. Surprisingly, the Optoma hd142x vs hd143x gives us an expectation, where the difference is narrowed down. Therefore, customers simply prefer to go with the less costly HD143X. Whereas some prefer the MHL compatibility of HD142X as it needs less adjustment and technical knowledge.

To them HD143X is worthless. Though it is also true, that you will definitely fail to find a better quality projector at this price range with those awesome features. Moreover, features like 3D compatibility are like adding a diamond to the golden necklace.

You will never get upset with Optoma HD143X due to its affordability, portability, and low maintenance.

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