Epson EF-11 REVIEW: Is it worth buying in 2022?

The Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 comes under the budget and size compatible segment in the Epson’s EpiqVision line. Here are some facts you should know before going deep into Epson EF-11 review.

Epson EF-11 REVIEW
Epson EF-11 REVIEW

Though they don’t compromise with the inbuilt technology as well. The advanced picture technology used in this Epson mini EF-11 is similar to other larger projectors manufactured by Epson.

This mini EF 11 provides much flexibility to carry anywhere.

In short, EF11 is the best value for money segment projector. The small size, as well as few advanced features, makes it worthy in this price range. If you wish to get one, The Epson EF-11 Review is here to clear your queries. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Now, let’s look at the base features offered by this mini EF11 followed by Epson mini EF-11 Review. (check price from here)

Base Specification of Epson EF-11 review:

Resolution 1920 x 1080
Brightness (lumens) 1,000
Contrast Ratio 200,000:1
Throw distance 2.2′-10.9′
Screen size 30″-150″
Speakers 1.5 watts X 2
Price Check Price

Design: Epson epiqvision mini ef11 review

One common ideology followed by Epson EF-11’s design includes both simplicities as well as portability.
It 8 pounds compact structure makes it flexible enough to carry it to your destination without any hesitation.
Additionally, it is the perfect device to match any modern home decor due to its sleek, clean, and durable look.

The Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 is manufactured with the aim to serve as a multipurpose machine of entertainment and work. Besides the quality of projection technology, Epson Mini didn’t even forget to focus on the Sound system as well.

Its dual speaker system includes bass reflexes and provides far way better sound than other projectors of the same category.

Though it won’t match the audiophile sound quality level it guarantees you with the overall frequency range to be loud and clear so that you won’t need the external speakers to get the ultimate vibes.

Epson EF11 is built to serve a wide range of content streaming options. Services like Apple TV, Roku, and Fire TV are easily accessible through the HDMI port.

One thing which you must note is its compactness result in a limited connection panel. i.e It comes with a single input only. But we take it as a fair product specially for someone who wishes to take the streaming vibes outside their home, especially a Road.

Pros & Cons

  • Portable and ultra-compact
  • Compatible with diverse popular streaming services.
  • Excellent built-in sound in other projectors comparison
  • Great color accuracy with negligible rainbow effect
  • Easy set-up
  • Automatic skew correction
  • Ultra-compact, so single connection ( 1 HDMI port)
  • Low Lamp brightness

Epson EF-11 Review: Installation

Epson EF11 makes use of a standard throw ratio, differentiating other Epiqvision line projectors.
It’s on the shorter side, though 7 feet of distance for a 100″ screen is enough to work well in the spaces which are comparatively small.

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The most unique feature which makes this Epson EF11 worthy is its automatic skew correction. Just set it and leave the rest on these projectors.
It won’t fail to impress you by automatically correcting the orientation and geometry to cancel out warping. Additionally, you will have the choice of correcting
both vertical and horizontal keystone manually. It also comes with the feature of manual focus correction, which makes its setup procedure really fast and free of frustration.

Epson EF-11 review: Picture Quality

Similar to the other EpiqVision projectors, The Epson EF11 comes with a multi-layer array built by a 3LCD chip design.

This provides it with a wide color spectrum that presents the full-color signal without compromising with the brightness variances( commonly known as the rainbow effect) from all content sources.

The adaptive color correction will optimize the color on the basis of their frame.

This Mini EF-11 comes with a 1080p native resolution, the most expected at this price range. Though to get a sharp detailed image across the frame, it is paired with a high dynamic contrast ratio.

The main headache arises only from the lamp brightness in the area of picture quality. On the low side, it’s only 1000 lumens, which makes it inappropriate for lights on viewing as it is prone to wash out of pictures in medium-sized spaces as well.

Though you can cope up with this problem by connecting it with Epson’s ALR screens.

The Final Verdict for Epson EF11 review

Every projector does come with some cons and so does Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11. It is focused mostly to make it ideal for traveling purposes rather than a permanent installation.
Which in turn made it compact and gave rise to the minimum connection issue( 1HDMI only). Whereas the low brightness may also be some sort of concern to many of you especially when you are in small or medium spaces.

But still keeping its size as well as its price in my mind, it never failed to impress me with its overall performance and picture quality. Moreover, this can be the best choice for your upcoming outdoor moving night due to its easy setup and durability.
This can also be the best choice for travelers willing to have entertainment on a big screen in a small package.

In the end, I would love to inform you that EF11 really won the race out of the other most portable projectors available in the market.

I hope this Epson EF-11 review breakdown really helped you decide the right model for your upcoming outdoor entertainment.

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