Epson 880 vs 1060: Which one is best for you?

Big screen Entertainment is a desire for many of us but we often move backward, looking at our bank statement.

But with the boon of Epson’s Home cinema line of the projector, this won’t be a dream anymore.

Epson 880 vs 1060
Wondering what to choose between Epson 880 vs 1060?

Starting from offering a high-quality picture to ending on an easy user-compatible feature, this Projector line can offer you everything you want at a budget-friendly price. That is why I would call it a Worthy budget-friendly deal.

But it doesn’t end here. Epson never stopped developing one after another exclusive product and enhancing our lives. Among those product lines, Epson 880 vs 1060 is really worthy to create great confusion in our mind.

A short story: Last month one of my Cousin dialed me and asked for a suggestion as she was struggling to decide which one of the projectors( Epson 880 vs 1060) should she choose for their newly designed house. When I looked at the specification I was confused as well. This led me to my further research through each and every feature thoroughly and it led me to declare the winner as Epson 1060. (Read further to know why?)

Though I recommend Epson 1060 as a better option that doesn’t mean 880 is really weak. Both of them Utilize the 3LCD color system that does work really well in offering consistent flicker-free colors, doesn’t matter what content you are streaming.

Is it all? Nope. There are a lot more to consider which I am gonna break in the next paragraph, which will definitely get you out of the confusion and let you choose one from Epson 880 vs 1060.

Epson 880 vs 1060: Feature Comparison


Epson 880 Epson 1060
Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080


3,300 ANSI 3,100 ANSI
Contrast Ratio 16,000:1 15,000:1
Input Lag 52 ms
Throw Distance 2.2′-34.0′ 4.5′-22.3′
Size of screen 25″-386″ 50″-300″
Speaker 2.0 watts mono 2.0 watts mono
Price Check here check here

Brightness: Epson 880 vs 1060

Epson 880 and Epson 1060 produce a brightness of 3,300 ANSI and 3,100 ANSI respectively. Therefore to observe certain comparable brightness in these projectors you have to put them at a high lumen of more than 3000 ANSI. But both of them will still be capable of offering great-looking images even with decent indoor lights. Moreover, it won’t give you stress about the light control measures as well.

The observable difference between Epson 880 vs 1060’s brightness is visible when both of them are switched to Eco mode. ON power-saving perspective I found Epson 1060 to be a bit dimmer but it still didn’t fail to be applicable on light on viewing.

In this power-saving Eco mode, I noticed that Epson 1060 reflects only 1900 Lumens, which is comparatively low and might make you adjust light control measures based on the type of environment you are viewing it.

Hence, on the basis of brightness, I must say, Epson 880 is the ultimate winner.

Throw Distance: Epson 880 vs 1060

Both of these budget-friendly projectors come with a standard throw distance which implies a larger space in return for a large picture. Eventually, there exist lots of standard throw projectors consisting of lots of variations and some of them require spaces even more than the others.

For example, Epson 880 will offer a 100″ screen size is provided with a distance of 9 feet. Additionally, it does offer enough adjustment to get fitted in a living room as well, if you neglect its long side.

On the other hand, Epson 1060 will need a distance of only 7-8 feet to produce a screen size of 100″, hence I can say Epson 1060 has comparatively less throw distance. So, if you are struggling with a smaller space in your living room and want the ease of flexibility with your projector, you must go with Epson 1060

Clearly, I have to conclude Epson 1060 as the winner on the basis of Throw Distance.

Connectivity: Epson 880 vs 1060

In the case of connectivity( a very important asp3ect to consider while choosing a projector) Epson 880 is far more away from the winning line if compared with Epson 1060. In fact, it comes with a single HDMI port only for content stream9ing. Though it supports Miracast it’s gonna give you a lot of headaches especially if you own an entertainment setup that is more complicated among itself. A lazy person should not go with this product as it needs manual switching.

Whereas, the Epson 1060 provides the connectivity of Dual HDMI, VGA input, and RCA as well. Additionally, it also offers wireless connectivity to handle your complex entertainment setup of content streaming and is therefore a device that never fails to offer versatility.

Clearly, According to me, Epson 1060 is the winner in this respect.

Epson 880

Apart from offering projections of high quality, this Epson 880 also comes under the budget segment and is a value of money device. It included every features that a customer desires to have in their budget segment projector including HD resolution and Dynamic Iris Contrast to stream the most detailed and sharp images. Eventually, the 3LCD display provides power to the picture quality and assure to deliver flicker-free color and options select the mode of the color of your choice so that you can optimize the image according to your wish.

The main drawback is its longer throw distance. But that won’t be an issue if you are able to handle the picture alignment feature. Moreover, the skew sensor present in it will assist you in defining a perfect on-screen geometry in accordance with the fine-tuning manual focus and digital zoom.

If your concern revolves around complex connections ( i.e if you want to connect multiple setups to it) then Epson 880 shouldn’t be your primary choice.  In terms of connectivity, it offers only a content streaming single HDMI port. Through Miracast is provided by Epson, but trust me you still won’t be eligible for onboard streaming or wireless connection options.

Choose this projector only if you are happy with a single connection. Else this won’t be a wise choice.

Pros & Cons

  • Includes 3LCD color with full HD resoltuion
  • Provides automatic alignment and is assisted by the skew sensor
  • Display optimization comes under 4 color mode
  • Excellent brightness even in a lightful environment
  • Miracast is available for screen mirroring
  • Connectivity is limited ( it offers only one HDMI input port for content streaming)
  • It comes with long throw distance, hence hard to fit in low space room

Epson 1060

The Epson 1060 and Epson 880 offers the same specification and features in terms of picture quality. Like the 880 models, Epson 1060 also offers 3LCD color full HD resolution with an impressive high dynamic Iris Contrast. Though you must regret not having a performance of 4k Projectors. Obviously, it comes under the budget elsewhere you can go expensive ones.

But the adjustment of content streaming of this projector with small space rooms is quite impressive. However, it also saves your electricity bill if switched to this Eco-friendly mode.

In this p[rojector you won’t be eligible for skew sensor adjustment like the previous one (880 model) as it lacks these features and you have to adjust everything manually. All you will have in this device is a digital zoom, horizontal image slider, and assistance from Keystone correction. Hence, I can say the installation flexibility is quite similar to the 880 models as well.

Weighing only 6 pounds and offering a 3.4″ slim profile it comes on the list of the most affordable and portable projectors. If you are planning for a camping trip with your friend or a movie night or a backyard party this would be a great value projector for you. Additionally, the vast connectivity option offered by this device won’t let you stay away from connecting multiple complex setups at a single time.

Pros & Cons

  • 3LCD color and HD quality streaming performance
  • Compatible with small space room due to its small throw distance
  • Variety of connectivity included HDMI, VGA, and RCA
  • Power saving option in Eco mode is a great feature
  • Eco mode offers low brightness of only 1900 ANSI
  • Lacks automatic image correction

Final Verdict: Epson 880 vs 1060

Hope you got the points why I declared Epson 1060( check price from here) the ultimate winner at the beginning of this post in the Epson 880 vs 1060 Comparison. But it doesn’t apply the same to you.

Your choice and selection should be based on your room space, adjustment types, and content streaming sources. But if you neglect Eco-friendly mode & manual adjustment, Epson 1060 should be the most affordable and wise option for you.

The small room won’t be a problem if you go with Epson 1060 but on the other hand, if you neglect the room size, features like automatic skew correction as well as the bright lamp would conquer your decision for sure.

At last, whatever choice you make doesn’t matter whether it is 880(check price) or 1060, you will get the full HD projection and the flexibility from both devices for sure.

Do comment, which is your choice in Epson 880 bs 1060 battle?


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