EPSON 5050UBE VS 5050UB: Which one is best?

Before we jump into the Epson 5050ube vs 5050ub comparison, let me inform you a bit about these products’ history.

Actually, both Epson 5050ube and 5050ub are a prior versions of the model number 5040 released in the year 2019. The 5040 model was a great success for Epson due to its features like pixel shifting and LCD imaging.



Eventually, with time Epson focused more on updating this product 5040 with more advanced features and including color gamut and dynamic contrast, and released two new products of an updated version which we came to know as Epson 5050UBE and Epson 5050UB.

Though these two products are mostly similar to each other there still exist a few differences which we gonna point out in this Epson 5050UBE vs 5050ub comparison battle. I hope this breakout would give you a clear idea, and help you choose a worthy product.

Epson 5050UBE vs 5050UB: In-depth compare

Epson 5050UBE Epson 5050UB
Resolution 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 1,000,000:1  1,000,000:1
Brightness/Lumens 2,600 2,600
Screen size 50″-300″ 30′-300′
Throw distance 10.3′-29.4′ 10.3′-29.4′
Wireless connectivity Available Not available
Inbuilt speakers Not available Not available
Price Check here check price

Similar features of EPSON 5050UBE and Epson5050UB

I hope from the above compare table you got the idea about the similarities which exist between these two products.

Both of these two products Epson 5050ub and ube aspect ratio come with similar picture(image quality) and lens technology. They also make use of pixel-shifting which can be compare even with a full HD projector. Studies have shown that a projector having this pixel shifting feature in them connect a resolution twice s sharp as that of a full HD but fails to compete with a 4k projector though.

The color performance in both the Epson 5050ub and ube home theater projector is quite impressive for a great Epson home cinema. Additionally, both of them make use of advanced features including HDR tone mapping, frame interpolation, and HLR support.

These two projectors even come with similar installation as well as setup processes and offer long throw distance with worthy image adjustment features. I hope this is enough flexibility you can expect from a projector of this range. Make sure you install it in a larger room for a large picture.

Here go the similarities that exist between these products. Now let me break down the differences that these projectors have in between them.

Differences: Epson 5050ub vs 5050ube

Connectivity:5050ub vs ube

Epson 5050UBE is the winner at this point without any doubt in the comparison. Why?

This is because it offers a wireless transmitter which is regarded as the biggest difference that exists between 5050ube and 5050ub.

Wireless HD transmission gives you the choice of more connection options. In numbers, it gives you the choice to add additional 4 HDMI devices. Isn’t it an excellent feature?

Apart from this, you won’t be set apart from having additional dual HDMI ports, network connectivity, and other inputs on the rear panel of this brilliant projector.

Performance in Gaming

Epson home cinema 5050 UBE and 5050 UB both are the primary choices for gamers. The 12-bit video processing aspect ratio and high contrast ratio(1,000,000:1) gives you clear visibility of the game even if your game consists of dark or nighttime gameplays and apart from Epson home cinema it is good to go with almost every gaming console.

You might be wondering, where the main difference lies here? Right

I totally agree with your thought. In this point, the main difference is between the input lag.

For instance, I hope you will prefer lower input lag and so the Epson 5050UBE is the best choice here and win this point as well.

Discussion: If you are unaware of the term “input lag“. Let me break it for you. It clearly denotes the delay of noticeable lag when you are involved in gaming.

For example, The input lag of Epson Home cinema 5050UBE is lower than 5050UB at 22ms. This means the availability of the is behind one frame and there doesn’t exist any noticeable lag.

Epson 5050UB

The Epson 5050ub won’t fail to impress you with the images quality feature despite of their advertising. It is so sharp, that it can even be a worthy competitor for crispy 4k resolution as well. This technology involves a feature known as pixel shifting which is capable of doubling the on-screen pixel number.

Additionally, it comes with a 3 chip design that produces a 10-bit HDR color by neglecting the irritating images mismatch and offering constant brightness.

Epson 5050UB has acquired the list of commercial home theater projector that offer full entire DCI-P3 color space which in fact provide color gamut and is 50% wider if compared with the Rec 709 spectrum.

12-bit real-time video processing is worth mentioning feature of this brilliant projector. This is the reason for smooth on-screen action and minimal to no motion blur or compression. This makes it a worthy competitor for the gaming projectors as well.

Whereas the input lag of this device is said to be 22ms considering the various picture mode. This offers you a lag-free high gaming performance and is on the wish list of most gamers.  This device offers an immense performance in lag-free gaming.

In the case of connectivity, who doesn’t want a wireless HD transmitter? As it would allow them to increase the connectivity option at least. It will allow you 4 additional connection flexibility and a wireless connection with HDR content support and 4k resolution at 30Hz.

It offers you the ultimate flexibility to change the source of content or add a new one. It becomes extremely useful if you have mounted it in the ceiling as the wireless connecti9on doesn’t need any kind of access to the back panel which is hard to reach in-ceiling mount.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent performance in color( color space of full DCI-P3)
  • In full HD, it offers 3D content display options
  • Flexibility in installation due to its pro features like keystone correction, zoom, and lens shift
  • Inbuild wireless HD transmitter
  • Offers crispy, ultra contrast, sharp 4k resolution picture quality
  • Low input lag with powerful processing, a perfect choice for gamers.


  • Lacks inbuilt speakers, so you have to make use of external speakers( an extra expenditure)
  • It May or may not fit for small space rooms due to long throw distance.

Epson 5050UB or Home cinema 5050UB

Technology like pixel shift for 4K resolution of DCI-P3 color spectrum is totally similar to that of our comparing product Epson home cinema Epson 5050UBE.

Moreover, to enhance the images quality sharpness, and contrast the Epson 5050ub manufacturer introduced the Dynamic Iris technology with a 16-element powered lens array to stand out in the competition. Though it offers good image quality, videos, and dimensions already.

One major drawback of the Epson 5050ub is that this Epson home cinema projector lacks a wireless connectivity and that is why it losses one point against the Epson 5050UBE. That’s why it fails to offer diverse input options as well.

Though you will definitely get 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports with other network control options, Epson 5050ub may not be sufficient for you if you are planning to connect multiple types of equipment through hdmi to your projector.

The high-quality movies image quality offered by the lamp of this home cinema 5050ub is worth mentioning and quite impressive for the projector including me(really impressed by the lamp).

You won’t face light leakage here and still expect a good throw ratio in this Epson home cinema models due to this great lamp..

Moreover, Epson 5050ub home theater projectors won’t fail to offer its beautiful image even in the ambient light of low to moderate level. But similar to Epson 5050UBE, it also won’t be much effective in a room with small space as it comes with a long throw.

The adjustment technology of this home cinema 5050ub projectors including keystone correction, zoom in and out, vertical and horizontal lens shift won’t let you face hurdles in adjusting it until and unless your room is really small. So, you won’t face a problem to connect in these home cinema models.

Pros & Cons of Epson home cinema 5050ub


  • Comes with Keystone correction, vertical and horizontal lens shift, and zooming adjustments great for home cinema setup
  • Offers On-screen smooth response due to its 12-bit video processing. So, you will get the best screen experience in these protectors.
  • Low input lag, therefore lag-free gaming experience
  • 3D support in HD is available
  • Offers maximized contrast and brightness due to the presence of Dynamic Iris for high dynamic range
  • Decent input options.


  • Lacks wirelesshd transmitter and so better connectivity is absent in your home cinema
  • Lacks inbuilt speakers for audio output
  • Not suitable for a room with low space.

Final Verdict on these vs Epson projectors 5050ub vs ube

If wireless pro uHD connection is not your concern then Epson 5050UB would be your wise choice as you could save 300 dollars by choosing this projector over Epson 5050UBE.

Eventually, if you are willing to go for a one-time purchase sign and keep more connection error free options in case if you need them in the future, then Epson 5050UBE service is a better choice and value for money product for you in this vs Epson battle if your budget permits.

In both cases, you get the best value and a Great home cinema projector that offers versatility with eco mode, wireless connectivity, and lens memory with a simple set up. Both of them can be your best buddy in serving you doesn’t matter whether it is in gaming or watching a cool movie even with apple tv.

I hope this Epson 5050UBE vs 5050Ub comparison really helped you, to make you reach a choice if weight is not the issue. These great contrast ratio hdr home theater projectors and not light weight.

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