Best mini projector for Macbook pro in 2022

Finding a projector that is compatible with your Macbook pro is usually a time taking work. However, looking around the work pressure we still do wish to have one. In that case, what should you do?

best mini projector for Macbook Pro
Best mini projector for Macbook Pro

You have to find both a worthy and a high effective projector that should go well with your Macbook pro right? What if, I say, I had already done the research on your behalf.

Yes, you heard me right. Being a projector tech enthusiast I love to explore various devices and check their associated compatibility which led me to generate a complete guide for the Best mini projector for Macbook that is both compact and comes with setup ease.

If you are short on time and wish to get my recommendation, then I would suggest you go for Viewsonic M1 portable Projector(USB-C) if you have a Macbook Pro model from 2016 to the present time. Whereas for backdated Macbook Pro which is equipped with HDMI and Thunderbolt, my recommendation would be towards Vankyo Leisure 3Mini.

I have concluded this product by looking at the versatility it offers apart from its performance. It would be best suitable for those who deal with day-to-day travel work or those who are bound to deliver presentations in their workplace. These portable mini projectors would har5dly take a few seconds to project the content after an easy setup.

However, there is much more to look for before you make the final purchase. Here are those features which must be included in your best mini projector for Macbook Pro. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Features to consider before buying your Best Mini Projector for Macbook Pro

Being a part of the Technical domain, projectors do come with lots of technical terms to consider before buying it, which might get you confused.

Eventually, all your concerns just revolve around projecting the image or content on the screen which in fact gonna influence your overall impression in front of your audience.

Therefore, you should follow each and every point listed below before you make the purchase apart from considering high contrast ratio and resolution-like features only.



This is the most prior feature you must consider before you make your final payment. I hope you won’t like to receive a product that won’t provide you with the choice of multiple connections. Therefore it is better to look for a projector that provides connectivity options including USB, VGA, HDMI, etc.

Whereas you may even come across some mini HDMI ports, which in fact can demand a special adapter or cable. These are the ports that can help you to connect your older Macbook model to your projector and would require an adapter for thunderbolt.

Eventually, you may find some other portable projector that provides a simple USB port, which performs the function of connecting various devices and laptops within a fraction of a second.

This is basically designed for connecting the latest Macbook model which utilizes USB type-c.

However, some modern projectors also offer wireless connectivity that provides ease of connection and can be the most effective and easy way for projector and computer connection.

Operated by Battery

Once you sort out the connectivity part, your next concern should be towards the power supply of the projector and for a portable mini projector most attentively it should be powered by battery only.

Battery-operated mini portable projectors not only make them easy to locate but can also save enough of your time and the quality of your image.

ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector can be a well-fitted example over here that is capable of providing a battery backup of 6 hours. Eventually, it also provides the facility to power up your mobile devices through USB type C.

However, there are still lots of projectors that demand an external or plugged-in power source and at the same time provide lots of portability as well. But I would suggest you choose the projector based on your basic need and your portability concern.

On my behalf, I would always recommend you to go with the battery-operated features.

Built-in speakers

I hope why this point is important but if you are still confused let me inform you that it is more likely to have a portable projector with built-in speakers in it rather than carrying external speakers for it.

One such projector is the Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector, which is equipped with built-in speakers is readily available to cut out all the hectic of external speakers, and is designed to provide you the ultimate vibe of content through its sound.

But you must note, those inbuilt speakers will not be capable of providing you the sound that you would expect in the theater. In that case, you do need to connect to the external sound system for enhancing the audio quality.

On my behalf, I have picked up some product, which I have used myself and is bound to provide the best experience in projecting with both the latest and older generations of Macbook.

There is even a budget-friendly additional choice, I have included in the post, so keep reading.

Best mini projector for Macbook Pro Latest models (USB-C)

I have selected this projector based on the above-mentioned point and my personal preference as well.

ViewSonic m1 Portable Projector

This ViewSonic M1 is an ultra LED portable projector designed to offer content streaming anywhere you go with its long-lasting built-in battery.

Further, if you are happy with a decent amount of sound quality this projector is ready to provide that with its multimedia built-in crispy clear inbuilt sound system.

In addition to those, it is also equipped with a safety feature that is capable of switching off the projector automatically if any projector arrives too close to it.

However, the setup associated with this projector is comparatively easy. All you need to do is to place and play the projector and you are good to go with the vibes of content. Meanwhile, it also offers a standup running time of around 6 hours which is good enough to run two Hollywood movies for your entertainment.

It is even readily equipped with HDMI, USB Type-A, USB Type-C, and other options to give you enough flexibility to offer content streaming from various sources and devices.

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Here are some of the Pros and Cons, on my view.

Pros & Cons

  • Setup and Controls are quite easy
  • Offers a decent battery duration of 6 hours
  • Wide connection options and istherefore much flexble
  • It lacks high resolution
  • It offers a fixed zoom lens, and thus lacks image adjustment

Best Mini Projector for Macbook Pro older models (USB-A 2012-2015 models)

One of the best projectors to fit in the list which is bound to have all the above-mentioned points is the Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini. Here is the further breakdown.

Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector

This projector is capable of offering you the vibes of the silent environment with low to no amount of heating effect apart from streaming content. This is because this projector is readily available with a cooling system with heat dispersion as well as noise suppression built-in technology.

However, the two built-in speakers are decent enough to provide you with the required quality of sound, one could need while streaming video content.

The inbuilt HDMI connectivity allows you to stream content from all sorts of devices including PS3/PS4, Laptop, video consoles, etc. Hence, it won’t give you any headache in terms of connectivity. Eventually, it is well equipped with 1920 x 1080 resolution and it won’t fail to impress you.

Additionally, it also offers 60%more brightness if compared with other projectors of the same range due to the presence of upgraded LED lighting.

A mini Displayport thunderbolt is required for the HDMI adapter can be the best alternative of installing software to stream content.

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However, there are few merit and demerit associated with them aswell. They are as follows:

Pros & Cons

  • The setup process is easy and simple
  • The quality of the picture is enhanced
  • Offers flexible smartphone connections
  • It doesn’t support office presentations including Ms-powerpoint
  • It doesn’t offer a readily available adapter with it and is sold separately.
  • Built-in speakers are not too good and are like monitor speakers.

Budget-friendly Best mini projector for Macbook Pro

The above-mentioned Best mini projector for Macbook Pro is a bit costly and may not be affordable by all.

But what can be their alternatives?

Don’t worry, I have further researched and discovered another portable budget-friendly projector to meet your affordable balance and at the same time offer value.

Tenker Mini Portable Projector: Best mini projector for Macbook Pro

Starting from offering widescreen display size to an upgraded LED source Technology for crystal clear image, this mini home projector has it all.

Exclusively, it also offers a built-in dual stereo speaker for experiencing sound with a full spectrum.

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Pros & Cons

  • Installation and usability is easy
  • The noise produced by the fan is low
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Compact, elegant, and portable
  • Offers multimedia projector functionality
  • Not good enough to offer Powerpoint Presentation
  • No automatic feature for image size adjustment
  • Requires cable (High speed 4K HDMI cable and Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is mandatory)

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